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May 25, 2017

Ok so.. I wrote a blog post about blending families and I was looking to see if it even comes up on Google.. well it doesn’t (not on the first few pages at least) 😭 In my search I came across Scary Mommy Blog which I follow on twitter. The twitter posts are so funny and informative but I haven’t had a chance to go on their webpage yet, until now and WOW!!

I totally love their information on parenting! They even have it separated by age groups. There is pregnancy, kids and info for dads! Loves it! I have to say in reading some of these posts, I enjoyed the writing style. It’s so easy to read and definitely easy to relate to. I want all of my readers (or shall I say future readers?) to check them out too.

In my blog I do not plan to talk a lot about raising kids in real-time because mine are adults already. I may touch on some family posts, or past experiences etc. but nothing too deep in things like “terrible twos” or “which diapers won’t chafe your kids ass”.  They do, however, have a blending families blog which I think it’s better than mine. I may adjust mine to talk about different aspects of blending families. But in the meantime, peeps, go check them out! come back here too, but check them out!

Best Scary Mommy Blog Categories:

  • pregnancy/infertility
  • pregnancy/miscarriage
  • kids/special needs
  • living/love and marriage
  • living/travel (I’m also considering adding a travel page to mine too!)
  • scary mommy 2/college empty nest
  • dads
  • anything under the seasonal tab

Overall I think its great to keep in touch with several of your favorite blog sites. Me personally, I strive to be a little different from others and hopefully you all get some good shit from my page! Keep checking back while I find more crap to write about.

Until the next post!


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